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The III. Eastern Mediterranean International Medical Students' Congress will take place between the dates of May 4-6 2017 and will be hosted by the Eastern Mediterranean University Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine. Eastern Mediterranean International Medical Students' Congress this year (2017) will focus on the theme of 'Multidisciplinary discussions on Medicine and Health in a World of Conflict'

The Congress will be open to medical and pre-medical students as well as students working on topics of health studying a multitude of disciplines. All types of studies using various methodologies are welcome.  The Congress program will include joint sessions/plenaries where world well known Medical Scientists and Medical Doctors will be deliver thought provoking presentations on Medicine and Health in a World of conflict.

The Congress will include presentations, activities and workshops that explore current issues in medicine and health, building clinical skills, connecting with peers and world re-known medical scientists and researchers. Moreover, congress will cover exhibitions, historical-nature tours, dance performances, and other social events like concerts in order to create a nice and warm environment where students have the opportunity to have fun and get to know each other better.


Our mission, on the scaffold of efficiency and work ethics, is to build a conceptually "brewed in science and friendship international experience" for future doctors that will help them acknowledge the importance of two main values that we believe form the basis of the medical universe, progressive increase in the amount of knowledge and working in a collective manner, and by doing so to alter the participants' academic and social developments.      


Our vision is to make our congress, which's background structure is organized by our team in the most enthusiastic way, take place in the designated time period according to the planned program and consequently to make it set an example for the subsequent congresses that may be designed around a similar theme concerning the values that we think should be held in the center of our profession. Our wish is that our congress, quality wise, verifies the importance of these values.