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Submission Guidelines

Submission Categories

Submissions will be evaluated in 3 major categories including 1) basic science research, 2) clinical research and 3) clinical vignettes.  A description of these categories follows.

I.  Basic Science Research

  • Studies which generally occur in the laboratory which may include animal or cell line research.
  • Studies of drugs and biomaterials
  • Studies in which analytical measurement, imaging, biometric and test development/assessment procedures are examined
  • Epidemiological studies which did not use disease and patient records/data


II. Clinical Research

  • Epidemiological studies on patient groups, diseases or patient records
  • Observational drug studies
  • Studies in which medical procedures are examined
  • Studies on medical devices
  • Non-interventional therapeutic studies
  • Prognostic studies


III. Clinical Vignettes

  • A clinical scenario or case that has larger educational value
  • Unusual diseases or unusual presentation of common diseases