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Transportation and Visas

We are glad to see you visit our country and be our guests in Eastern Mediterranean International Medicine Student Congress (EMIMSC).

Firstly you need to know that you can arrive Cyprus using 2 airports;

1) First one is Ercan Airport in Nicosia. Found in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

If you are the citizen of a country which Turkey applies visa, please check this address to find out more information, or even to be sure if Republic of Turkey applies visa to your country.

After making it to Turkey, specially to Istanbul, it is not problematic coming to Turkish Republic of North Cyprus where EMIMSC is going to take place. From Turkey to North Cyprus you may choose two different ways, which include flight or travelling with ferries.

Direct transportation from Ercan International Airport to the location of stay will be provided by us. 

If you enter Cyprus from Girne by ferry, you should be providing your way to Famagusta. You may choose a ferry from Turkey to Famagusta Harbor, and then from the harbor to your hotel we will be taking the responsibility.      


2) Directly travelling to Larnaca Airport in the Southern Cyprus without any visa (If you are an EU citizen) from Europe is possible too.

If you travelled to Larnaca you should make it to the border gate between south and north Cyprus in Famagusta and then you will be taken to your hotel by our transports.

Here you can find information about border crossings to north Cyprus:


Wish you a good trip,

Student Council of EMIMSC.